Musicplay Online is still under construction, but we are so excited about this site, that we’re encouraging teachers to use for free until construction is completed. The site will include everything that is in Musicplay, plus many more interactive activities!
• Solfa note naming and letter note naming for all reading songs
• Pop quizzes to teach, reinforce and assess note names, terms and symbols
• Games to teach concepts: beat/no beat, beat/rhythm, major/minor, smooth/separated, high/low, loud/quiet
• Solfa Practice movies: sm, lsm, smd, mrd, ls mrd
• echo the flashcard, poison melody game, sing from handsigns, sing from notation, sing in solfa the pattern that you hear, assessment
• Rhythm Practice Movies: echo, poison rhythm, read patterns, clap what you hear, assess
• Ukulele tuners and guitar tuners are available now. Many songs to play on uke and guitar will be included. Vocal warmups are online now, and many more will be added
- Listening, Dance, Recorder and theory sections will be added.

Register now to use all the components that are available for free! When the site is complete, subscription costs will be very affordable - we hope to make the site available to teachers for about $20/month. Teachers, schools or districts that have purchased Musicplay packages will be given access to the site on a pro-rated basis - 5-8 years of access for purchase of a Musicplay K-6 package.


Hi there!  My name is Stacy and I've been teaching elementary music for the last 6 years.  Throughout my teaching, I have used the textbook Musicplay as the main resource in my classroom.  I've been involved with Musicplay for a long time, since Denise Gagne is my Mom! I'm excited to share with you some lessons and ideas I have added to the resource throughout my years of teaching.  I enjoy including additional movement, literacy, and assessment connections to the lessons in Musicplay.  Often, I can use a single, simple song from this resource and expand it over many lessons.  This helps to reduce your planning time and the number of songs you have to memorize throughout the school day.  Please enjoy these lessons and resources!

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Composer/Music History:                 read a more complete biography of any composer.  music of the renaissance

Interactive Music Games to Learn Theory/Ear Training: