Music Rugs

This is a great teaching tool, and an effective seating plan for primary students - 24 squares for 24 students. Use the floor staff for games, teach note values, signs and symbols.

          Available in three sizes:

          Large     10'9" x 13'2"  $749

          Medium  7'8" x 10'9"   $399

          Small      5'4" x 7'8"     $239

Music rugs can be ordered by email or phone.  Shipping costs vary, please email or phone 1-888-562-4647 for exact shipping costs before ordering. 

Additional shipping charges and customs for Canadian orders will apply.  Canadian orders will be calculated based on the US exchange rate. 
Music rug sales are final.

Staff & Symbol Games - FREE with any rug order. Great games that utilize the music rug - floor staff games, jeopardy and more.