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Elementary Music Curriculum for Music Specialists and Classroom Teachers

Join Artie Almeida and Denise Gagne for a 2 day elementary music conference that will give you ideas and inspiration for teaching your elementary classes.

July 26, 27, 2015 - Dallas         July 31 - Aug. 1, 2015 - Houston

Super Fun Activities in the K-6 Music Class
Toronto - April 8, 2015

Vocal Warmups, Rounds and Energizers, Rhythm Instrument Fun, Sensational Singing Games For K-6 Classrooms & Engaging Listening Activities

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A great song collection to teach young beginners to sing and strum on the guitar.  Includes 25 folk songs with perf/acc CD, Digital Resources and links to easy pop songs.  Compiled by Tim O'Brien and Denise Gagne.

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This interactive Smart resource includes a variety of activities to use with pop songs - Boomwhacker, recorder and percussion play alongs, listening, rhythm reading and cup games! Includes Limbo Rock, YMCA, Chicken Dance, Jazzy Hockey Pockey, Locomotion, Mexican Hat Dance and Cha Cha Slide.

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From Folk to Pop is a set of lesson plans for Grades 3-8 based on traditional folk songs that have been recorded by rock singers and found their way to the pop charts. The lessons include learning to sing the song, creating and adding accompaniments and descants and playing the song on instruments. The collection also includes a history of the song, listening activities and YouTube links to compare the traditional with the pop version. There are assessment suggestions and rubrics included. Pop artists include Bruce Springstein , Elvis, The Beach Boys, Great Big Sea and more.

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Smart Vol2

This kit includes colored shape posters for use with vocal exploration. Have the kids sing the way the shape shows on an ah, oo, or lip trill to help get their voices warmed up and to help develop flexibility in their singing voices. This kit also includes colored posters to illustrate the types of voices and thinking the song (to develop inner hearing or audiation).

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Easy Music Theory

Easy Music Theory for Middle School is a student workbook that will teach students the basics of music theory. Easy Music Theory will be useful for general music classes, beginning band or choral classes. Your assessment of student understanding will be easy - just collect and mark the workbooks.

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Active listening lessons with parachutes, paper plates, scarves and ribbons that will engage your students and get them excited about listening to classical music! The collection includes an audio CD and a Digital Resources Disk with PowerPoints to aid in teaching the routines and concepts, movies about the composers and QuickTime videos of each activity. The teacher’s guide includes lessons aligned to national standards, reproducible composer biographies, reproducible visuals - listening logs, beat charts, dynamics cards, form cards, texture visuals - to aid in teaching concepts.

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Sing Canada's History

Students will rap the Three Bears story, sing about the Three Little Pigs, and create sound effects with the story of Little Red Riding Hood and Three Billy Goats Gruff. Includes a perf/acc CD and CDRom with projectibles and SMART notebook activities.

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Can Do Music is a complete program which teaches TEACHERS and students how to do music. This is a comprehensive program with everything that the classroom teacher needs for teaching music in one package! Can Do Music 2 will give the classroom teacher who teaches their own music the tools needed to meet all the expectations in the Ontario curriculum (and other provinces!). The experienced music teacher will love the beautiful visuals, composition units, movies, worksheets and assessment tools that are included.

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Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed For Kids DVDs
Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed For Kids Volumes 1 & 2

This exercise DVD is a fun and easy way to provide daily physical activities in your classroom. It's the perfect indoor recess activity for Grade 1-6 classes! Play the DVD on a DVD/TV or project via computer to a Smartboard. Nancy leads a group of students in a fun, safe, efficient and effective 30 minute fitness program.  

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