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Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Canada

Langley, BC Workshop
October 20, 2017

Join Denise Gagne for a fun workshop day that will give you lessons and ideas for the school year!

• Ukulele is Fun!     • Bucket Drumming, Boomwhackers and Beat Boards
• Storybooks for Music Class!     • 10 Easy Ways to Assess your Students

• Listening Lessons using Indigenous Music    • Favorite fingerplays and songs for little ones

Teachers will receive 2 months subscription to

Download the registration form or Register Online

Vidar Concert Sized Ukuleles

The Vidar ukulele's are wooden - not a painted plywood or plastic uke. The neck is made of mahogany, the fingerboard is rosewood and the rest of the body is made of sappelle, which is an African wood often used in guitar making. It has very good quality machine heads so they stay in tune.
The concert ukulele is larger than the soprano (24” long) so it has a bigger sound, and the frets are not as small.
(Grade 5-6 kids can have big hands that don’t fit well in tiny frets)
It’s a really good size for students in elementary school.


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What a better way to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday than by performing folksongs that celebrate the history of our country! Tell the story of Canada through our folk songs. This collection of 14 traditional folk songs and one composed song can be used by music teachers, social studies teachers or classroom teachers.


Downloadable copy of Canada 150 Single Song Kit - piano/vocal score, performance and accompaniment MP3s, a reproducible vocal score and a movie of the music to project with computer/projector or Smartboard.

Read More about Canada 150

Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements for Musicplay K-6 will be a useful tool for performances and for classroom use. These companions to the Musicplay K-6 Curriculum include arrangements of almost every song. Chord charts are included for every song making it easy for a beginning ukulele or guitar player to accompany their students or for their students to play themselves. Many of the arrangements have alternate keys to make it even easier to play or sing along in the most appropriate keys for children’s voices.

 Read More About Musicplay Guitar and Ukulele Arrangements

Your Remembrance Day assembly will be easy to plan when you use the songs, poems and quotes in this collection. The entire collection is beautiful and very singable for young classes or choirs.  The songs will be a moving tribute to all veterans. The CD has beautiful orchestrations and vocals! The CD includes full performance, part 2 only (for 2 part songs), and accompaniment tracks.

Read More about We Remember

Easy Bucket Drumming is a collection of fun and upbeat arrangements for students age six and above. As students work through this resource, they will learn to read quarter and eighth note rhythms, adapt to different tempos and develop hand independence. Students will also learn about musical concepts such as form, dynamics, accents, and improvisation.  You probably already have a few buckets lying around and could easily get a class set from donations alone. Students can produce four unique sounds on a bucket drum by hitting the sides, top, rim or clicking the sticks. By using larger or smaller buckets, you can create even more variety in sounds and form a bucket drumming ensemble. We have developed an easy to read notation that allows students to switch between these sounds and prepares them for reading other percussion notation.


 Read More About Easy Bucket Drumming

Know Your Rhythms, written for Grades 3 - 6, contains 60 pages of fun, kid-tested reproducibles to help your students learn their note values and time signatures. It includes instructional PowerPoints, Smart Notebook files, reproducible worksheets, assessments, crosswords, ear training, partner games and activities such as building note value pizzas and Rhythm Erase.

Teachers and students will love the kid-tested instructional PowerPoints and Notebook files for use with Smartboards, computer/projectors and computers/TV. Every reproducible page from Know Your Rhythms is included in PowerPoint or Smart Notebook format. The PowerPoints can be used to teach note values or for correcting student work. The answers for the written activities appear at the click of the mouse for easy and fast correcting.


Read More About Know Your Rhythms


This set of lessons for fall will give you everything you need to get your preK classes singing, playing, moving, listening to and creating music.  It includes 40+ poems, finger plays, songs, listening examples, movement activities, instrument exploration, and storybook lessons.  The digital resources to project include movies and kids/teaching demos of the poems and songs  if you have a computer/projector or SMART Board.

 Read More About Musicplay for PreK

Stories and So Much More! is a collection of stories, songs and literacy activities for K - Grade 6. Children love the opportunity to play instruments, explore movement activities and sing storybooks. The songs in this collection enhance a wonderful source of interesting stories. The lessons and activities that are included will help your pre-readers, emerging readers and readers to improve their listening skills and beginning reading skills. The use of text and illustrations as manipulatives and/or projectable activities provide a powerful tool for language learning!

Read More About Stories and So Much More!

Differentiate Your Music Instruction 
Music In the Inclusive Classroom
We all want our students to learn effectively.  We all want to be that teacher who can reach everyone; who can make a difference for the students in our care.  Using this reference tool will allow you to quickly find the specific information you need, and adapt your lessons to support all of your learners.  What you discover will enrich your teaching.  It will help you to create a collaborative musical environment in which your students flourish, driven by the gift of music that dwells within each of them.

More information about Music in the Inclusive Classroom

Elementary Music Rugs

This is a great teaching tool, and an effective seating plan for primary students - 24 squares for 24 students. Use the floor staff for games, teach note values, signs and symbols. Available in three sizes.

More information about the Elementary Music Rugs
Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed For Kids DVDs
Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed For Kids Volumes 1 & 2 This exercise DVD is a fun and easy way to provide daily physical activities in your classroom. It's the perfect indoor recess activity for Grade 1-6 classes! Play the DVD on a DVD/TV or project via computer to a Smartboard. Nancy leads a group of students in a fun, safe, efficient and effective 30 minute fitness program.

More information about Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed DVDs

Musicplay Grants

We have a list of schools that have received grants so far - applications are still open!

Download the Musicplay Grant Application:

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Musicplay Grant Recipients


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the
Canada Book Fund (CBF) for our publishing activities.



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