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Resources for Elementary Music Teachers
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Elementary Music Rugs

This is a great teaching tool, and an effective seating plan for primary students - 24 squares for 24 students. Use the floor staff for games, teach note values, signs and symbols. Available in three sizes.

More information about the Elementary Music Rugs

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is still under construction, but we are so excited about this site, that we’re encouraging teachers to use for free until August 1st. The site will include everything that is in Musicplay Digital Resources, plus many more interactive activities!

700+ songs are given as movies:  lyrics, notation, and kids demos

Search for songs by keyword (ie. graduation), tone set (high do) or rhythm

 Solfa note name challenges and letter note challenges for all reading songs

Pop quizzes to teach, reinforce and assess note names, terms and symbols

Games to teach concepts: beat/no beat, beat/rhythm, major/minor, smooth/separated, high/low, loud/quiet, note names

Solfa Practice movies: sm, lsm, smd, mrd, ls mrd 

Echo the flashcard, poison melody game, sing from handsigns, sing from notation, sing in solfa the pattern that you hear, assessment

Rhythm Practice Movies: echo, poison rhythm, read patterns, clap what you hear, rhythm dictation

Interactive beat and rhythm activities for all K reading songs and some Grade 1 reading songs (Snail Snail, Bye Low)

Listening - Activities from Listening Kit 1 are now posted:   listening maps, concepts, composer movies, movement, and play along

Ukulele tuners and 30+ ukulele songs to play!  

 Recorder program is online with 38 songs in Level 1 and 24 songs in Level 2!
 Guitar tuners and 25 songs

 Interactive Xylophone to show what bars to take off when teaching Orff arrangements

Form Tool - show the form for any song or composition

Listening, Dance, Recorder and Theory sections will be added.
Teach K-6 Music?  Want lesson plans?
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August 2016

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Featured Products


Your Veterans Day or Memorial Day assembly will be easy to plan when you use the songs, poems and quotes in this collection. The entire collection is beautiful and very singable for young classes or choirs.  The songs will be a moving tribute to all veterans. The CD has beautiful orchestrations and vocals! The CD includes full performance, part 2 only (for 2 part songs), and accompaniment tracks.


You’ve had sets of Boomwhackers® forever, but what do you do with them?  In this resource, Denise takes you through a sequential process that will help your students in Grades 2-5 learn to read rhythms, melodies, and chords. There are 55 musical examples for students to play, with fun accompaniment tracks.  This resource is classroom tested and is a great way to introduce reading notation to your elementary music students!

Read More about Teach Music Reading with Boomwhackers

Easy Ukulele Songs Teacher’s Guide (C) is an excellent song collection to teach young beginners to sing and strum on the ukulele. The collection includes 32 folk songs with a performance/accompaniment CD, projectables, chord charts, reproducible student lyrics pages, and links to easy pop songs to play along with.

Read More About Easy Ukulele Songs

Vocal Exploration Cards

A great song collection to teach young beginners to sing and strum on the guitar.  Teacher's Guide includes introduction to guitar, music, lyrics, chords and chord charts.

Includes 25 folk songs with perf/acc CD, Digital Resources and links to easy pop songs.


A collection of activities to get preschool - Grade 5 children playing, listening, creating and reading music using non-pitched percussion instruments. Written by Denise Gagne

Read More About Rhythm Instrument Fun

Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed For Kids DVDs
Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed For Kids Volumes 1 & 2 This exercise DVD is a fun and easy way to provide daily physical activities in your classroom. It's the perfect indoor recess activity for Grade 1-6 classes! Play the DVD on a DVD/TV or project via computer to a Smartboard. Nancy leads a group of students in a fun, safe, efficient and effective 30 minute fitness program.

More information about Nancy's Daily Phys-Ed DVDs

Musicplay Grants

We have a list of schools that have received grants so far - applications are still open!

Download the Musicplay Grant Application:
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Musicplay Grant Recipients


We acknowledge the financial support of the Government of Canada through the
Canada Book Fund (CBF) for our publishing activities.



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