Singing Games Children Love Volume 2

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50 more singing games that children love to sing and play!
Volume 2 includes 'make up an action' games, clapping games (hand jives), stick games, 'add an action' games, movement canons, choral warmups and shakeups, and more!

Make Up An Action:
• Oliver Twist
• Jim Along Josie
• Hokey Pokey
• Looby Loo
• Ring Around the Rosie
• This Way Thataway
• Hop Old Squirrel
• Goin’ to Kentucky
• Punchinello
• Hey Betty Martin

Clapping Games:
• Hot Cross Buns
• Pease Porridge Hot
• In the Land of Oz
• My Landlord
• Head & Shoulders Baby
• Eatin’ Betty Crocker
• Miss Mary Mac
• Ronald McDonald
• Long Legged Sailor
• Green Sally Up
• I’ve Been to London
• I’m a Canadian
• A Sailor Went to Sea

Sitck Games
• Sarasponda

Add an Action:
• Button Factory
• My Aunt Came Back

• Father Abraham
• One Finger One Thumb
• Topnotcher

• Un, Deux, Trois
• The Mill
• Happy is the Miller
• Pass the Shoe
• London Bridge
• Draw a Bucket of Water
• Stella Ella Olla
• Tideo
• Paw Paw Patch

Movement Rounds:
• Frère Jacques
• Little Tommy Tinker
• Swedish Action Song

Just For Fun:
• Bounce High
• Bell Horses
• Pizza Pizza

Choral Warmups & Shakeups:
• Tony Chestnut
• Ham and Eggs
• Bingo
• I’m Downright Upright
• George Washington Bridge
• We Love to Sing

CD Sample 
Looby Loo

CD Sample  Punchinello

CD Sample  Green Sally

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