The Best Pet Show Ever

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A 20 minute K-3 musical about pets and pet owner's responsibility. You can perform the entire musical, or you can choose your favorite songs to perform at an assembly. Casting is flexible, so you can perform this with one or more classes. The teacher’s guide includes reproducible dialogue/lyric pages, reproducible vocal scores, piano accompaniments, costume patterns, and has actions and choreography written directly in the score. Sing about cats, dogs, bunnies and snakes. This is the cutest musical that you’ll ever perform with K-3 children! Includes performance / accompaniment CD.

Songs Include:

  • We’'re Having A Pet Show
  • My Cat
  • My Dog
  • I Don't Have a Pet
  • My Charming Snake
  • The Bunny Hop
  • Let's Hear It for the SPCA
  • Pet Owner's Rap
  • We Had a Pet Show (Reprise)
CD Sample  The Bunny Hop
CD Sample  My Charming Snake


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