Alphabet Action Songs Student Book/CD

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Fundraiser For PreK or K-1

Need funds for your classroom?  We have created a special student book/CD of the Alphabet Action Songs. 

These student books include the stories and songs, printing practice and an illustration for the child to color. Your students love the alphabet action songs that they learn in your classroom. Now, they’ll be able to get reinforcement of what you’re teaching them in school or at home. For each Alphabet Action Songs Student Book/CD ordered, your classroom will receive $5 to use for whatever materials or supplies that your classroom needs. Students purchase for $10.

Use this as your next book order! Just copy the order form that is given below and give to your students.  We pay the tax and the shipping when a minimum of 10 sets are ordered.

Minimum order is 5 student books/CDs. Fax or phone your order to 1-888-562-4647


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