Know Your Note Names, Rhythms & Symbol Set


Know Your Note Names
50 reproducible pages of student tested activities to learn note names in the treble and bass clef. A wide variety of reproducible activities are included: create a word, matching, silly stories, crosswords, games and flashcards.

Know Your Note Names now includes PowerPoints.

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Know Your Rhythms
Grades 3 - 6, contains 60 pages of fun, student tested reproducibles to learn note values and time signatures. Know Your Rhythms includes instructional PowerPoints, Smart Notebook files, reproducible worksheets, assessments, crosswords, ear training, partner games and activities such as building note value pizzas and Rhythm Erase.

PowerPoints and Notebook files for use with Smartboards, computer/projectors and computers/TV is included. Every reproducible page from Know Your Rhythms is included in PowerPoint or Smart Notebook format. The PowerPoints can be used to teach note values or for correcting student work. The answers for the written activities appear at the click of the mouse for easy and fast correcting.
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Know Your Terms & Symbols
56 Pages of reproducible worksheets, written and multiple choice assessments, stories, games, crosswords, matching activities and more to help your students learn music terms and symbols.

This publication includes instructional PowerPoints and Smart Notebook files.

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