Easy Music Theory for Middle School - Set of 25 Books


Easy Music Theory for Middle School is a student workbook that will teach students the basics of music theory. Easy Music Theory will be useful for general music classes, beginning band or choral classes. Your assessment of student understanding will be easy - just collect and mark the workbooks. 

Online resources will be available to teachers who purchase 25+ books. If ordering 25+ books, the tax and shipping are included in the price.

Some of the topics covered:

• Note names in treble and bass clef
• Measures & Bar Lines   
• Rhythms & Note Values
• Time Signatures   
• Conducting Patterns   
• Dynamics Terms  
• Tempo Terms   
• Instrument Fingerings  
• Repeats   
• Sharps/Flats/Naturals   
• Articulation   
• Music Notation   
• Whole & Half Steps   
• Scales   
• Expression Terms   
• Key Signatures  

Book Sample Easy Music Theory Book Sample


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Set of 25 books $100   
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