Simon Fraser and the Raging River

Simon Fraser and the Raging River brings to life the story of a famous explorer and fur trader’s amazing journey down one of North America’s most rugged rivers and how this affected the development of North America. The 25 minute mini-musical was created to provide Grade 4-6 students with cross-curricular and integrated learning opportunities specifically in music, drama, movement, visual arts, social studies and language arts. It may be used as a social studies classroom resource or for a staged performance. Setup is minimal and comes with performance suggestions, a performance/accompaniment CD and reproducible student copies.

Songs Include:

  • Imagine a Dream
  • Paddle Hard
  • Sing, River Song
  • The Fur Trader Explorin’ Song
  • Imagine a Dream Reprise by award winning choir director, Gerda Wilson.
CD Sample  Paddle Hard
CD Sample  Riversong
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