Smart Rhythms Volume 2 - Download


Linda Miller has created a comprehensive resource for teaching, practicing and assessing rhythms. In this resource, 10 levels of difficulty are included! This will take your students from kindergarten to middle school!

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Levels for Smart Rhythms Volume 2

Activities include reading, listening, notating and composing with rhythms. The games are engaging - students will have tons of fun while learning to read, write and compose with rhythms. 

Audio recordings of every flashcard are included. There is also a file that gives the teacher ALL of the rhythm flashcards used in the collection as individual flashcards. You can use these flashcards to create your own rhythm activities.

The 14 SMART Notebook files that are included use ten levels. There are more than 120 activities in total in this publication! Additional assessment suggestions are included in the Read Me file.
Notebook Samples - View as PDF Practice Makes Perfect PDF
Notebook Samples - View as PDF Rhythm Rehearsal PDF
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