20+ Vidar Concert Sized Ukuleles (Box) & Student Book/CD

In 2014, Denise went to China to meet with ukulele manufacturers at the China Music Fair. She brought back 8 ukuleles in a suitcase (they all survived the trip!) and has been playing with the samples for the past 10 months. On the first day in Canada, we tuned all the ukuleles, then checked daily to see which one stayed in tune the best. Without doubt, the best quality of workmanship, the best sound, and the best intonation was the Vidar Concert ukulele. It’s a wooden ukulele - not a painted plywood or plastic uke. The neck is made of mahogany, the fingerboard is rosewood and the rest of the body is made of sappelle, which is an African wood often used in guitar making. It has very good quality machine heads so they stay in tune. The concert ukulele is larger than the soprano (24” long) so has a bigger sound, and the frets are not as small. (Grade 5-6 kids can have big hands that don’t fit well in tiny frets) It’s a really good size for students in elementary school.

We have received our first shipment, and are thrilled to be able to offer this quality instrument to Canadian schools at reasonable prices. We’ll be re-ordering because we love this ukulele, but shipments can take anywhere from 2-8 months and our current inventory is limited, so order soon!

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Single Vidar Ukulele in a box, and Easy Ukulele Student Book/CD $75

20+ Vidar Ukulele in a box, and Easy Ukulele Student Book/CD $65

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